Balance Pass in Merchant 1.1

Thanks to help from our wonderful fan base, particularly Benzeliden, we are providing a brand new balance pass to the game! The changes significantly effect the skills and abilities for the hero classes, and details can be found below or on the Reddit post.

Class changes in latest PC build

Skills changes:


Shield Slam: Deal 1.4x Def & Gain Def↑40% for 2 Turns (was: 0.5x Def, Gain Def↑50%)

Shield Slam II: Deal 2.3x Def & Gain Def↑60% for 3 Turns (was: 0.8x Def, Gain Def↑50%)

Juggernaut and Vitality passives changed (see below)


Cheap Shot: Deal 1.1x Atk as True Dmg (was 0.8x)

Cheap Shot II: Deal 1.6x Atk as True Dmg (was 1.3x)

Sunder II: Deal 1.8x Atk & Give Def↓35% for 3 Turns (New DLC skill, replace Counterattack) Cost: 9 AP

Critical Strike passive changed (see below)


Magic Missile: Deal 1.4x Matk & Gain Matk↑25% for 2 Turns (was 1.2x)

Magic Missile II: Deal 2x Matk & Gain Matk↑25% for 3 Turns (was 1.6x)

Mana Shield: Reflect 0.6x of next matk received (was: reduce matk taken)

Mana Shield II: Reflect 1.2x of next matk received (wasL reflect next matk)

Mind passive changed (see below)


Enrage: Gain Atk↑60% for 3 Turns (was: 50%)

<em class="s570a4-15 bDsWbe" <blind="" fury<="" em="">: Gain Crit↑60% & Acc ↓25% for 4 Turns (was: 25% crit, 3 turns)</em>

<em class="s570a4-15 bDsWbe" <blind="" fury<="" em="">>em class="s570a4-15 bDsWbe"<berserk smash<="" em="">: Deal 1.8x Atk. On Crit gain Atk↑15% (stacks) (New DLC skill, replace Berserk Rage) Cost: 7 AP</berserk></em>

<em class="s570a4-15 bDsWbe" <blind="" fury<="" em="">>em class="s570a4-15 bDsWbe">Critical Eye</em> and Critical Strike passives changed (see below)


Divine Smite: Deal 1.5x Matk&Acc. Party↑15% Matk&Acc for 3 turns. (New skill, replace Divine Strike, require lvl 15)

Mind passive changed (see below)


Stab: Deal 1.6x Atk with Crit Dmg +50% (was 1.2x Atk)

Puncture: Deal 1.1x Acc as True Dmg (was 0.8x)

Stab II: Deal 2.3x Atk with Crit Dmg +100% (was 1.7x)

Puncture II: Deal 1.7x Acc as True Dmg (was 1.3x)

Ambush: Deal 3x Atk & Acc. Enemy ↓50% Atk for 1 turn (DLC skill, replace Detect Weakness) Cost: 12 AP

Critical Eye and Critical Strike passives changed (see below)


Divine Strike: Deal 1.4x Atk & Heal for 0.2x Matk. Cost 4 AP (was 1.2 Atk, 0.3x Heal, 6 AP). Moved to lvl 10 (replace Slash)

Templar Shield: Deal 1.5x Atk & 2x Matk. Cost: 6 AP (New skill, require lvl 15)

Holy Blessing: Give party Atk↑15% & Mdef↑50% for 5 Turns. Cost 4 AP (New skill, require lvl 25)

Divine Strike II: Deal 1.8x Atk & Heal for .5x Matk. Cost 8 AP (was 1.4 Atk, 9 AP)

JuggernautMind and Vitality passives changed (see below)

Dark Knight - all skills reworked

<em class="s570a4-15 bDsWbe" <unholy="" slash<="" em="">: Deal 1.5x Atk & Matk. Lifesteal 8%. Cost 4 AP</em>

<em class="s570a4-15 bDsWbe" <unholy="" slash<="" em="">>em class="s570a4-15 bDsWbe">Slow</em>: Deal .6x Matk and Give Eva↓80% for 3 Turns. Cost 4 AP

Terrify: Deal 1.4x Atk & Matk Give Mdef↓30% for 2 Turns. Cost 7 AP

Overwhelm: Party gain Atk↑25% & Matk↑25% for 3 Turns. Cost 3 AP

Crypt Poison: Deal .8x Atk & 1.2x Matk for 3 Turns. Cost 6 AP

<em class="s570a4-15 bDsWbe" <unholy="" slash="" ii<="" em="">: Deal 2x Atk & Matk Lifesteal 10%. Cost 6 AP</em>

<em class="s570a4-15 bDsWbe" <unholy="" slash="" ii<="" em="">>em class="s570a4-15 bDsWbe">Twilight Strike</em>: Deal 1.1x Atk & 1.1x Matk as True Dmg. (Was 0.6x)

New passives introduced: Dark Arts and Dark Precision (see Passives section below)


Song of Courage: Give Party↑8% Matk & Atk for 10 turns(stacks) (was 5%)

Song of Defense: Give Party 40%atk&matk reflect for one attack (mean party receive 40% less damage)

Poem of Focus: This turn all crits do 2.5x more dmg. Cost 6 AP (was 3x, 5 AP)

Juggernaut passive changed (see below)


Juggernaut (Warrior, Paladin, Bard): Passively increase Hp by 25% (was 10%)

Critical Eye (Berserk, Assassin): Passively increase Crit Chance by 12% (was 5%)

Critical Strike (Rogue, Berserker, Assassin): Passively increase Crit Dmg by 35% (was 20%)

Mind (Mage, Cleric, Paladin): Passively increase Acc & Mdef by 10% (was Mdef only)

Vitality (Warrior, Paladin): Passively increase Atk by 6% and Def by 12%

Dark Arts (Dark Knight): Passively increase Atk & Matk by 9%

Dark Precision (Dark Knight): Passively increase Acc by 50 and Crit by 10

Stats scaling


atk per level changed from 0.4 / 0.8 / 1.2 to 0.4 / 1 / 1.4

def per level changed from 1.2 / 1.6 / 2 to 1.2 / 1.8 / 2.5

atk per str changed from 5 / 7 / 10 to 5 / 7 / 11


atk per level changed from 0.8 / 1.6 / 2.4 to 0.9 / 1.8 / 2.4


acc per dex changed from 6 / 7 / 9 to 6 / 8 / 11


atk per str changed from 3 / 5 / 8 to 4 / 5 / 8

Dark Knight

atk per level changed from 0.4 / 0.8 / 1.2 to 0.4 / 0.9 / 1.4 (+12 atk on lvl 60)

matk per level changed from 0.4 / 0.8 / 1.2 to 0.4 / 0.9 / 1.4 (+12 matk on lvl 60)


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Jun 06, 2018

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