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Excellent and addicting crafting game! It's a lot of fun, even if you don't pay a lot (or at all). I just bought another hero and now I just watch some ads every now and then.


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If you could make the download for mobile available in .apk format here then kindle fire users like me can play it. Please🙏


So fun this game. I'm hooked on it

is there any way to change size of the game screen on pc?


currently not, but you can use ResizeEnable in the meantime.


I do not have the option to select theme or cloud save. I guess it is just a bug that will be addressed in the future. Would love to sync my PC version with my Mobile version as I am quite far into the game.


You mean I can play it on PC now? OH boy. 
To anyone curious about this game, give it a try! Its a good time waster. And theres a small community over at: